Do I use hot water or normal cold tap water?
COLD tap water is just fine.

Can I only add green waste?
Green vegetable waste such as cabbage leaves and carrot tops work best.

What happens if I do not use the plant food after 14 days?
We recommend that you dilute the liquid by 35% or about a third.

What happens if I pour the liquid plant food in less than 7 days?
The resulting liquid will be weaker and may not provide sufficient levels of nutrients.

Do I need to add anything further during the process?
Yes. Pumping the inner chamber 4 - 6 times once a day adds more oxygen.

Can I put the feed directly onto my plants?
Yes, as long as you have stopped the process after 7/10 days otherwise dilution will need to be performed.

Can I clean my envirofeed® product in a dishwasher?
We recommend you rinse out with detergent free, warm water.

What colours do they come in?
White with green lids.

Do you have any information I can download?
Yes, just click here

What is the guarantee period?
One year manufacturers warranty is standard. Register your envirofeed® unit on-line to receive a five year warranty click here